The Villa

There are places where beauty stops being unreachable and becomes reality.

Oasis, enclaves of poetry where the soul of the world guides the hand of man, creating works of art. As in the placid and uncontaminated Livenza valley, between Veneto and Friuli, where the land has become wine and

the light is embodied in the timeless lines of the Venetian villas. Two moments of passion and eternity that do not always meet. Except in a few happy moments. Except in Villa Varda.

Already owned by the Mazzoleni Family since 1450, the Villa fully represents the style of the patrician residences desired by the notables of the Venetian Republic: white stone, classic style, undeniable majesty. A beauty unchanged over the centuries, albeit grown, like a living organism: the owners who succeeded over the years, have enlarged the park, above all, endowing it of its current majestic appearance, inspired by English gardens.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, the Villa was donated to the Curia linking its fortunes and life more and more to the citizens of this Friulian valley.

After decades of neglect and abandonment, passing from hand to hand from the Curia to the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (1972), Villa Varda experiences its turning point when it arrives in the loving arms of the municipality of Brugnera, and it is thanks to those who live in this fascinating borderland that this symbol has come back to life.