Villa Varda Pride, land and passion
is our identity.

the VillaVilla Varda

Between past and future

There are places where beauty stops being unreachable and becomes reality. As in the placid and uncontaminated Livenza valley, between Veneto and Friuli, where the land has become wine and the light is embodied in the timeless lines of the Venetian villas.

discoverOur Wines

Agile, fresh and contemporary wines, to be shared with the everyday dishes, or to be appreciated with the time of the innate longevity physic du role.

The Family

The Maccan family is personally committed to financing the restoration of part of Villa Varda. A work strongly desired, inspired by the strong sense of pride and belonging that the family feels concerning the territory.


The vineyards of Villa Varda follow the course of the Livenza river; here the soils are an almost perfect combination of alluvial gravel and clay and limestone deposits, which draws the typical features of the denomination, that of the Grave, unique in the region.

The cold breaths that blow from the north-east Alps that embrace the warm and brackish airs of the Adriatic, combine the ripening of the grapes under the peaceful gaze of the most abundant sun.